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From my early years during an apprenticeship in the radio and television industry in Invercargill, I progressed to an interest in audio, and later, video production which became established when I starting producing my own super 8 films of trips made around NZ and later overseas.

Despite the limited versatility of film, the interest was soon rekindled when the advent of video cameras and computer-based editing systems became a reality. I now use computers to do all editing and production for both audio and video work - but have retained all the machines to play these early recordings (reel-to-reel tapes of most speeds and formats up to 10.5-inch, cassettes-including mono, stereo and 4-track in-line), An 8-track 0.5-inch DBX machine is still available to produce CD quality audio masters.

When my interest in video became firmly established, the need to upgrade to enable quality copying and editing was borne and I set about putting together a setup to marry all the systems together - including distribution amplifiers and video correction equipment.

At this time, the capabilities of computer-based non-linear editing equipment (NLE) began to overtake traditional analogue systems and the ability to completely go with computer-editing began.

Soon after setting up the hardware, I gained a job editing several large American video programmes (in NTSC) and soon found the limitations of the early 'domestic' non-linear video editors.

This bought about the need to move to a commercial style of editor which overcame the limitations of domestic equipment. For this, I installed a completely new broadcast editing system - a Matrox DigiSuite real-time, dual-processor machine with multiple disk storage.

Seven American video programmes have been edited to date, the longest being a 160 minute programme. These programmes have been distributed - in both NTSC and PAL formats - by their owner, the Tara Dhatu foundation. (www.taradhatu.com contacts: www.anahatadup@verizon.net and www.prema.tara@verizon.net).

The DigiSuite system is capable of operating under variable compression rates and uses a lossless compression format. (www.matrox.com). The Digisuite system is still in use for a small range of projects, although a new editor, Apple’s Final Cut Studio 2 is available to handle large projects including full high definition production video. Final Cut 2 is a complete package handling HD editing, multitrack sound, colour and DVD authoring.

To complement the editing equipment, I now have facilities to duplicate CD's and DVD discs in any quantity. Full colour printing is now done directly on to the disc surface. Full colour Inlay cards can be produced as required.

  • Computer-based Video Editing & Copying in NTSC AND PAL FORMATS
  • NTSC - PAL - SECAM Video Conversions
  • 8mm & 16mm Film to Video Conversions
  • Multi-track Sound Editings
  • Desk-top Publishing – including magazine production & fold/staple
  • Photocopying - Duplex and Colour
  • Laser Printing
  • CD and DVD duplication/copying including labels and inlay cards
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